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PALM LEGACY, is concerned with intellectual property rights, in this sense it expects its users to do the same. If you own copyright or copyrights and believe that any of the copyrighted materials that are available directly through the Lino Service violates your rights, please let us know at the following e-mail address: Please include as detailed information as possible so that we can identify the facts and circumstances that allow us to expeditiously resolve your claim.
It is publicly reported that Palm Legacy has protected all its Software, and is legally registered with its copyright; As well as its Brand, Logos and Slogans under The Patent and Trademark Office in the United States.
In the same way, it is available all our intellectual property in the application, so that if you know of any fault or violation done by someone or any other application about our rights, please contact us through our email and let us know charitably. We will thank you for it.
Last update: 04/10/21
United States of America