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A: / None, users and DJs can download the mobile app at no cost at the Google Play and Apple Store.
Just type Lino and results will show up as: Lino which is intended for the users within the subject venue, and Lino DJ (DJs use only).

A: / Users can request their desired song at the discretion of the DJ, sometimes the DJ allows to have the app with FREE Requests and sometimes he/she may place a minimum tip requirement.

A: / The DJ is the one that has the final decision. You may type any song, by the guidelines of the suggested generes made by the DJ shown in the app. However, it is entirely up to you as a user to suggest any song you want, and entirely up to the DJ to accept it and play it.

A: / After the DJ has accepted your song, there is a TIMER that is activated on both apps (DJ & USER) in order to alert the client when the song will play, as soon as the song is playing the DJ manually alerts the app that the song was moved to the Playing Now state, and the USER listens his/her request in REAL TIME.

A: / Users may understand the job of the DJ is to mix music without stopping and having blank points to keep everyone alive; a requested song is considered as played when it plays 70% and up of its real lenght in order to satisfy the request of its clients.

A: / If the TIMER goes to 0 and the requested song did not play at all, such request will go the state TIME OUT, there is a function that alerts the client that the DJ didn’t have enough time to play the song, and automatically grants the Money as credit to the user so he can use it to request another one. If you still have an issue, we suggest you to solve it thru the Google Play and App Store Service/Refund console.
Also, the user might give a low ranking to the DJ, that will directly reflect on his/her average performance. The user will be granted credit towards another song.
If a DJ ranks below 2 stars, PALM LEGACY INC may revoke the usage to the app to the subject DJ.

A: / Android and iOS are available for both the DJ and the USER app.
The DJ app (only) can also be downloaded and viewed on iPADs for the DJs convinience.

*It is important to say that the Lino APP does not hold any music content, does not do streaming, does not download any content, and does not play any music, The Lino APP is merely a comunicación channel between the DJ at the subject venue and its clients/users, to play their desired music manually, or not.